realme Buds T300 Review—A Step-Up

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2024-02-07 00:13:35 PHT

The realme Buds T300 succeeds the T100 in the affordable yet remarkable personal audio devices category. Available in two classic colors, namely black and white, we recently got the latter variant to experience and see if it is a worthy successor of its predecessor.

The realme Buds T300 comes with a rounded rectangular charging case, different from the more oval case of the T100. Outside, the T300 case has a smooth and shiny surface, whereas the T100 case shows a more matte finish. A USB Type-C port sits at the chin of the T300 case close to the pinhole LED power indicator. The case recharges using the bundled USB Type-C cable through any compatible USB charging port.

Lifting the lid of the realme Buds T300 case reveals the a pair of true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds. Like the casing, the earbuds sport smooth, shiny surfaces. When idle, the earbuds magnetically attach to their respective slots inside the charging case. Out of the box, the earbuds carry standard ear tips. If they do not fit, users may choose from the two more pairs of ear tips with different sizes that come with the T300.

Wearing the realme Buds T300 for the first time, the earbuds generate a beeping sound, which indicates its attempt to pair with a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone. To pair, enable the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone, search for the T300 on the list, and select it.

Users can maximize their experience with the realme Buds T300 by installing the realme Link mobile application on their phones. The app allows users to optimize device settings. Users who listen to bass-rich music might want to pick Clear Bass or Bass Boost on Link to get the most out of the 12.4mm dynamic bass drivers of the T300. The T300 drivers are a bit larger than the 10mm drivers of the T100.

Users who want emphasis on voice may choose Clear Vocals or Nature Balance on Link. Advanced users may further tweak audio settings by playing with the Equalizer on Link. The app also offers an option to take advantage of the 30dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature of the T300 by activating noise cancellation on Link or enabling Game Mode when playing games.

The Link app also indicates the battery level of each earbud. Boasting up to 40 hours of music playback at 50% volume level and with the case and ANC deactivated, the T300 offers longer battery life than the T100. Equipped with a 40mAh battery per earbud and a 400mAh battery for the case, the T100 promises up to 28 hours of music playback. On the other hand, the T300 comes with a 43mAh battery per earbud and a 460mAh battery for the case.

Listening to music with the realme Buds T300 is a pleasurable experience. The bass on the Deadmau5 remix of "Cherry Twist" by The Crystal Method sounds distinct and solid on the T300. The T300 also renders the delicate strums of guitar and the soothing voice of Jim Croche in "Time in a Bottle" with clarity. Not just an all-play personal audio device, the T300 is also an ideal buddy in productive pursuits like taking calls or attending online meetings. The ANC feature of the T300 effectively blocks ambient noise, allowing users to hear the voice from the other line more clearly.

In the Philippines, the realme Buds T300 costs ₱1,599. It makes the T300 a bit more expensive than the T100, which sold at ₱1,299 when it launched. However, the T300 offers better specifications, such as the ANC feature, dynamic bass drivers with a larger size, and batteries with a larger capacity. With these niceties, users will enjoy an improved listening experience, longer battery life, and enhanced focus, all worth spending for a budget-friendly pair of earbuds.