All-new OPPO Band 2: More features, bigger display

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2022-11-17 15:24:00 PHT

The new generation of the OPPO Band is here! The global smart device brand OPPO introduces the all-new OPPO Band 2, which features OPPO’s latest IoT/wearable tech innovations suited to OPPO users’ current lifestyles and needs for only ₱3,999.

Now available in Brand Stores and partner dealers, this innovative device aims to help users be #BetterOnEveryMove with its ultra-clear large screen and a two-color strap design, complemented by comprehensive features, such as professional workout modes, sleep tracking, all-day heart rate monitoring, long-lasting battery life, and more.

Larger AMOLED screen and a stylish build to fit your style

The OPPO Band 2 has a larger AMOLED display compared to its predecessor. With its 1.57-inch ultra-clear large screen, a screen-to-body ratio about 47% higher than its predecessor, and more than 74% larger display area, you can now view more content and make interactions simpler and easier. Its screen brightness also allows up to 500 nits, which ensures a clear display despite outdoor light.

The smart band enables you to customize your watch face to show off your unique style. For instance, you can use the AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0 to automatically generate the watch face that will match your outfit or the custom watch face widgets, where you can choose from up to 12 available displays. It also features pattern watch faces to allow you to draw a watch face from your phone and auto-sync it to your band, or you can pick a photo from your Albums and use it as your watch face.

The screen is supported by a fashionable blue silicone strap that perfectly fits on the wrist. Weighing only 33g with the strap, the OPPO Band 2 is very lightweight and provides ultra comfort. There is also a black silicone strap variant for those who prefer a simpler and more sleek design.

Professional workout modes and improved health trackers

To provide you with accurate health and exercise monitoring, the OPPO Band 2 is equipped with a high-precision 6-axis motion sensor with heart rate and blood oxygen sensors. This allows the OPPO Band 2 to provide Upgraded Running Mode, which includes heart rate monitoring to help you run safely, and CRF (Cardiorespiratory Fitness) assessment by measuring your VO2max (maximum oxygen consumption). It also has running speed suggestions to help you better pace yourself and aid your heart rate recovery, while offering 13 professional running courses for more efficient and guided exercise.

If you play tennis and want a device to track your progress, you should definitely consider the OPPO Band 2. With a new Professional Tennis Mode, the OPPO Band 2 recognizes various tennis strokes and records five types of data, such as strokes, racket swings, activity duration, heart rate, and burned calories.

The OPPO Band 2 can also serve as a good workout partner for active people as it supports over 100 Workout Modes and auto-detection of four modes, including walking, running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine.

OSleep feature dedicated to improving sleep quality and habits

The newest OPPO smart band can help you get a good night’s sleep with its integrated OSleep all-scenario sleep tracking. This innovative feature enables the scheduled “Time to Sleep” function, along with Undisturbed and Eye Protection modes. It monitors sleep duration, phases (deep and light sleep), rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and blood oxygen level to flag health problems while assessing snoring risks.

All-day monitoring for your health and wellness

The OPPO Band 2 is packed with more health features, such as all-day heart rate monitoring to measure your daily resting heart rate (RHR) and track your heart rate during exercise, water, and get-up reminders. It also has real-time stress monitoring, which will provide instructions for appropriate breathing exercises so you don’t forget to relax and unwind from time to time.

Smart, versatile assistant, anytime and anywhere

Stay connected with the OPPO Band 2 as it enables you to check the weather and the six-day forecast, have music control, access stopwatch and flashlight, find your device, and set alarms and timers. The smart band also allows you to sync your SMS messages and calls with your phone.

Thanks to its 14-day battery life, OPPO’s new smart band can help ease your worries about running out of power while you’re on the go. Its battery is built with magnetic fast charging, which can fully charge the OPPO Band 2 within an hour and provide a full day of use with just a five-minute charge.

Indeed, the all-new OPPO Band 2 gets you #BetterOnEveryMove with all its specs and features. So, get yours now! 

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