Tim Hortons's chocolicious treats for the rainy season

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2018-08-09 02:23:00 PHT

Tim Hortons is all set to bring warmth and comfort to its Pinoy patrons this rainy season, as the Canadian quick service restaurant brings its entire array of choco goodness to the table, featuring the limited edition Chocolicious Donut and White Hot Chocolate creations.

Soothe your sweet tooth with Tim Hortons’s Chocolicious Donut, a yeast filled donut dipped in white fondant with chocolate brownie filling and dark chocolate flakes. The perfect complement to it is the White Hot Chocolate, memorable for its rich, smooth texture with perfect milky note and right amount of sweetness topped with whipped cream.

Apart from these, Tim Hortons also has other chocolate-flavored food products that will surely take you back fond memories in the company of family and friends. Perk up with Tim Hortons’s Hot Chocolate or freshen up with Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Other sweet treats to choose from include the Double Chocolate Fudge, Choco-Filled Donut, Triple Chocolate Muffin, Choco-Chip Muffin, and Choco-Glazed Timbits. Make sure that you get them coupled with Tim Hortons’s cup of coffee.