MoonXBT launches new cryptocurrency options product

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2022-03-27 02:06:00 PHT

MoonXBT, a global service-oriented cryptocurrency light contract (LC, Light Contract) platform, has officially launched its new options product - Warrant Options - during a press conference held in the official Discord community.

The first crypto options product launched on the platform, Warrant Options, is the least complicated and easiest to use.

This is the beginning of MoonXBT’s launch of a series of options products and marks the beginning of a new era.

MoonXBT options have the lowest premium in history, half that of other exchanges, said MoonXBT’s COO George Lee during the press conference. 

This means users can buy two options on MoonXBT at the same price to double the return.

The year 2021 was significant for the crypto industry, witnessing the expansion of NFTs, GameFi and the Metaverse. The trading volume of crypto in 2021 rose by more than five times that of 2020, with crypto derivatives performing the best. 

Among the many crypto-traded derivatives, options are gaining momentum, with positions climbing and rivaling major options products in traditional capital markets in Europe and the US. In response to the market demand, MoonXBT is launching a series of options products. These products demonstrate the many advantages of options, including better risk management, higher profitability in a sideways market, etc.

MoonXBT also offers open lessons, information packs, detailed guides, etc., which can help users to get started quickly and easily and minimize the difficulties users encounter when trading options derivatives. 

As the first crypto social trading platform, MoonXBT encourages communication between traders, as they would share the advantages of options trading and foster a welcoming environment for both newcomers and experienced traders. 

“What people will do on MoonXBT is more than just trading crypto. We want people to educate people,” said Lee.

During the press conference, Lee also led a hands-on session displaying how to go from account registration and authentication to setting up an option's parameters.

Aside from BTC and ETH warrants, the platform also offers DOGE warrant options, which can be found on very few platforms. In the future, more tokens will be supported for trading warrant options on MoonXBT. In addition, MoonXBT will launch three other options products in April, including European Spread Options, American Standalone Options, and Touch Options.

Low premiums, ease of operation and versatility to create a more professional and reasonable investment environment for traders are what MoonXBT’s new options products offer. This can help crypto traders mitigate risks and maximize returns through proper investment allocations. 

As the crypto asset market matures and the market's overall volatility tends to decline, crypto trading derivatives will also become more high-quality and mature in the face of the diversified needs of the market. As the influencers also agreed, the options product launched by MoonXBT has brought new life to the industry market and effectively solved several pain points of the industry products, which will effectively promote the upgrade of the industry and make the market pattern more diversified.

During the press conference, Lee also launched the "MoonXBT Options Promotion Ambassador Plan,” which will allow more users to know about MoonXBT and get a taste of the new options products. In this plan, influencers in the crypto and the wider finance industry are invited to head first in trading the new product and further discussions and socialization are encouraged among the influencers and their followers. 

“We want more people to get familiar with options, which can make more discussion of trading, and make active more social behavior,” said Lee.

Through this plan, MoonXBT hopes to promote the popularization of options, create value for users and make the industry a positive progress. As Lee noted, users can “trade more, discuss more, and socialize more, or our DAO can’t be better.”

Over 30 influencers in the field of crypto options attended the press conference. The advantages of MoonXBT’s warrant options are echoed by these influencers. They expressed their prospect views about the new products and shared their views about the wider crypto industry.

During the press conference, MoonXBT signed contracts with several influencers, and the contracts will become NFTs, which will be uploaded to Opensea. Each of these influencers will also have a unique NFT identity symbol that will last indefinitely, and they will witness the coming of the new option era together.

The options products launched by MoonXBT provide a new option for the crypto trading market, allowing more crypto traders to trade options products with the lowest cost and fewer difficulties. Looking forward, MoonXBT will launch more crypto trading products with innovativity and aim at fostering a crypto neighborhood that encourages interaction, innovation and technology. MoonXBT, together with its series of options products and working with more crypto traders, could change the landscape of crypto trading derivatives, leading traders and the wider crypto industry to a whole new era.