SKY levels up summer fun at home with multiplayer gaming from AirConsole

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2021-04-28 11:40:27 PHT

Filipino families can now elevate their bonding experience at home as SKY teams up with Swiss game developer, N-Dream, to bring AirConsole, an online cross-platform video game console that lets users enjoy multiplayer games by simply using their SKY Evo, computer web browsers, Android TVs or tablets as their gaming consoles and transform their mobile phones as gamepads.

"The real idea of AirConsole is to bring people together, play on the same screen, either cooperatively or as competitors, and get some real bonding time," Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer of AirConsole said.

Through a partnership with SKY, AirConsole provides a wide array of games for everyone in the family—from dads, moms, ates, kuyas, even lolos, and lolas. Choose from over 160 multiplayer titles, varying from different genres, such as quizzes, sports, racing, strategy, cards, classic arcade, and party games.

Among the games that families can enjoy is the "Trivia & User Quiz," a fun interactive trivia extravaganza that allows two to four players to test their wits in a series of mind-crunching questions. Those who crave more action can play "The Neighborhood," where two groups feud it out in a fun slingshot battle with a goal to reign supreme by destroying the home of the other player. Kart racing aficionados can try out "GoKartGo! Air!," an exhilarating go-kart racing game with players selecting wacky animals to take the steering wheel and go head-to-head in different visually stunning racetracks.

SKY is the first service provider to include AirConsole as a gaming offering for its subscribers as it continues to level up the entertainment experience in every Filipino home.

"Our partnership with AirConsole is a testament of our commitment to providing all-around entertainment through different platforms for every Filipino family. We continuously strive to find more content and applications that our subscribers can enjoy with SKY services – truly leveling up entertainment at home with the family. SKY's Pay TV head Abigail Ng Sy said.

AirConsole Hero, the premium subscription of AirConsole, comes with access to all games, unlimited players, no ad breaks, unique in-game content, and other features. Users can play these fun games conveniently by using Apple or Android smartphones as gamepads and computer web browsers, Android TV, Google TV, tablets, or the SKY Evo Digibox as the console. Download the official app and enter the provided connection code to begin playing.

Anyone can subscribe to AirConsole Hero, even if they are not a SKY subscriber. Subscription starts at P249 for one month and P629 for the annual plan via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. At this price, AirConsole provides families the chance to level up bonding experience without breaking the bank.

Another good news! SKY is giving away free 30-day trial vouchers of AirConsole Hero to SKYcable subscribers until July 15, 2021.

For more details about AirConsole, visit Download and subscribe AirConsole now!