Chinese diver Jin Wang breaks record with HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate at Asian Freediving Cup 2023

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2023-06-20 15:40:03 PHT

Jin Wang (Sendoh), a consecutive former champion of the Asian Freediving Cup (AFC) between 2017 to 2019, broke the Asian freediving record with a 116-meters dive in the CWT (Constant Weight) category with his HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate at the recent AFC 2023.

AFC is the largest freediving tournament in Asia since 2014, offering a platform for divers of all skill levels to showcase their prowess, held in Panglao Bohol from June 10-18, 2023.  

Recognizing the extraordinary feats that divers achieve during the AFC, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate further empowers the event as the Official Sponsor.

“The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate looks great and offers many functions a serious freediver wants and much more. It tracks and provides me with details about each of my dives so that I can review and plan for my next session. There is also a hang timer, it’s perfect for hangs — it’s a cool feature I have not seen in other dive watches,”  said Oliver Lu Qing, Co-Founder of Freedive SuperHOME.

Breaking the 13-year Asian record

Wearing the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, Sendoh broke the 13-year Asian record during his dive in the CWT category in AFC 2023, achieving 116 meters of depth. With the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, Sendoh received accurate and vital information he need to maximize his performance and safety when using dive mode and other underwater monitoring capabilities. Not only that, the watch’s ISO 22810 water resistance standard and EN13319 certification deliver ultimate endurance as Sendoh dives past the 100-meter depth and proceeds to break the Asian record.

Pushing one’s limits with HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate

Benjamin Yavar, who is an instructor based in the Philippines and a multiple record holder in Chilean and across continents, used the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate as his daily driver and diving companion. The watch’s pro-level Diving Mode allows for 4 different diving modes to choose from and ensures accurate displays of diving data with clarity when diving underwater.  

“I have been using this HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate for a while now, it has served me well. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through the bright display,” said Yavar. “It is a great diving companion, too! It has a patented 10 ATM water-resistant technology that supports up to 100-meter diving mode. Plus, it also includes many apps that allow you to monitor your dives and many others if you train on land, or if you wanna track your health.”

Ramar Aguirre Acuña, a freediver and instructor based in the Philippines, enjoys the use of the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate features as a way to challenge the extreme requirements of a freediver, monitoring his health and improving his performance as an athlete.

“The unmatched quality brought by the traditional craftmanship in creating this state-of-the-art device is built to withstand the challenges of the extreme sport of Freediving without compromising the comfort of its users. I personally find this watch very comfortable to wear on my wrist 24/7,” said Acuña, “It enables me to monitor my health and recovery to support my biohacking statistics for the improvement of my performance as a freediving athlete for the upcoming World Championships.”

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: A professional trainer and daily companion

Whether it's fitness levels, new experiences, and health monitoring, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate helps its wearers take charge of their progress, allowing them to chart their own routes towards excellence. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate sets a new bar for smartwatches in the market with its luxurious construction and masterful design, packed with state-of-the-art technology. This smartwatch is made for bold adventurers, especially those looking to break through their own limits and blaze their own trails.

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is available for as low as ₱1,666.63/month for up to 24 months through the online Huawei Store and select HUAWEI Experience Stores around the country.