Kaspersky's game simulates cybersecurity scenarios

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2018-07-23 00:44:00 PHT

Kaspersky Lab conducted its first Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation Online training (KIPS Online) with the local technology media recently to highlight the importance of teamwork in corporate cybersecurity.

KIPS Online is a valuable addition to the previously available and highly regarded KIPS Live offline cybersecurity training. Both KIPS Live and KIPS Online versions offer actionable security intelligence training for top-level business executives around the world.

Not your average Monopoly-style game

KIPS Online brings cybersecurity awareness and real, actionable insight where it is needed most: to top-level management of large corporations. Based on 20 years of Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity experience, Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation solves two essential senior management awareness challenges: the need to be prepared for swift, high-level reaction on cybersecurity incidents and a lack of time.

Mutual effort brings down recovery costs

According to Kaspersky Lab’s Corporate IT Security Risks survey, 51 percent of enterprises agreed that it is difficult to demonstrate the return-on-investment when it comes to IT security. At the senior management level, quick and coordinated action helps save on IT Security costs, and one of the main goals of KIPS Live and KIPS Online is to demonstrate this capability. During the training, participants are tasked with operating an interactive facility and the goal of different teams is to retain financial health while dealing with cybersecurity challenges. The game scenario features real-life challenges that extend beyond the issues faced by interactive operators.

Kaspersky Lab’s goal is to spread awareness, which is why special kits are available for security service providers and other institutions to conduct the training independently.

“The goal of KIPS is not to train managers on the threat landscape – we don’t want to replace security officers. The goal that KIPS fulfills is to help managers cooperate better in the event of a cybersecurity threat and to save money on incident recovery costs. With KIPS Online we bring the much required flexibility to the training process and the ability to involve senior management at large multi-national corporations,” Slava Borilin, security awareness program manager at Kaspersky Lab.

“Businesses in the Philippines should be ready to tackle one of the toughest threats in every industry — cybercrime. We are bringing our KIPS Online in the country to show the corporate workforce the importance of teamwork in incident response and cyberthreat mitigation. KIPS Online keeps the fun in learning how online threat works, how companies should respond to an attack, and how it could be mitigated, through two (02) hours of interactive game,” said Siang Tiong Yeo, general manager at Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

KIPS Online and KIPS Live are part of the Security Awareness Training family of Kaspersky Lab services and can be requested from Kaspersky Lab and its resellers globally.