As service technicians attend to subscribers' concerns SKY SETS FRIENDLY SAFETY PROCEDURES FOR SKY SERVICE TEAMS

2020-05-15 06:25:56 PHT

As the country shifts to the new normal, SKY subscribers can continue to rely on a safe service when SKY technicians visit their homes.  Beginning this May, Sky technicians will be ready to assist subscribers with technical concerns that require in-home servicing by implementing safety procedures that benefit both its subscribers and frontline workers. 

The SKY team will be wearing personal protective equipment, practice physical distancing, and decontaminate before and after their visits. 

First, all service teams will be equipped with a complete personal protective equipment (PPE) gear which includes a face mask, disposable surgical gloves, and safety shoes plastic protection. All PPEs and tools also go through a disinfecting procedure based on approved standards.

Second, subscribers can rest assured that SKY’s service technicians have washed their hands and stepped on a footbath basin to disinfect their shoe soles before and after fulfilling a job order.

Third, a call-out will be done prior to each visit to ensure that no one in the home is feeling ill. The SKY team will reschedule the service visit as soon as they are certain that the entire household is well enough to receive service teams into their homes. 

With this in mind, SKY remains faithful in maintaining a safe environment for any service transaction.

To further guarantee the protection of SKY customers and service technicians, SKY is also encouraging everyone to maximize the company’s digital platforms first for common transactions. For minor technical issues,  Do-It-Yourself and troubleshooting guides can easily be accessed here (

They can also use mySKY app wherein they can manage their account at the comfort of their homes. Through the app, they can check program schedules, billing information, and payment options.

Staying updated and reaching out to SKY can be simply done with just a few taps. Download the mySKY app today at