Self-directed learning beyond the classroom

2018-05-21 15:48:26 PHT

Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, Vice Chairman and CEO of AMA Education System, the group which introduced the first information and communications technology (ICT) university in the Philippines through AMA Computer University, shared his insight on self-directed learning that can be achieved through today's technologies.

“Effective utilization of technology is important to develop an independent approach to learning," Aguiluz said. "Through our platform, we want to give students the power to determine areas they want to learn, identify the extent of learning they want, and independently measure their understanding of a topic," he added.

Fortunately, self-directed learning is no longer confined within the four walls of a physical classroom. Through the Internet and the devices that support Internet connectivity, learning through online schools is now possible regardless of time and place. In addition, the flexibility of self-directed learning online allows people to earn a degree, extra units, or a professional certification amid their daily tasks and priorities.

Another benefit to this method: it hones essential life skills, too. A study by researchers from Michigan State University found that self-directed learners also get trained in solving complex problems as it fosters critical thinking and creativity.

Responding to the demand for a platform that supports self-directed learning through the Internet in the Philippines, AMA Education System's AMA Online Education offers degree programs online to today's independent learners, particularly the millennial segment, enabling them to create their own style of studying that goes beyond memorizing facts and watching online lectures.

Taking advantage of a collaborative and comprehensive virtual space, AMA Online Education helps students in checking multiple sources, interacting with teachers and fellow students, and evaluating their progress, thanks to the online school's learning management system.

AMA Online Education believes that by equipping self-directed learners with the right platform and tools, they can become future leaders in the workforce and globally competitive. Visit and check out the degree programs available for you.