SKY partners with telcos and LGUs to end rampant cable cutting and theft

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2022-08-14 16:23:18 PHT

SKY bolsters its call and efforts to curb illegal cable cutting incidents, affecting cable TV and internet services of several of its subscribers nationwide, by officially partnering with major telco providers, with the PCTA, and local government units (LGUs) with the strengthened "Oplan Kontra Putol" campaign.

In the joint manifesto signed by executives from SKY and other telco companies, including Globe Telecom, PLDT and Smart Communications, Streamtech, Metroworks ICT, and Eastern Communications, Radius Telecoms, and the Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association (PCTA), the group heeded the call for unity in protecting Filipino households from these illegal acts that disrupt their service connection and affect their day-to-day activities during these unprecedented times. 

"Illegal cable cutting is a disservice to our customers. It leads to disruptions in cable TV and internet service. Together with our customers, we have been victimized by perpetrators who steal and sell the copper wires for profit or recklessly cut and damage our cable wires without regard to the disruption it causes to our internet and cable service. This illegal act robs our customers of the steady internet and cable TV service they need for entertainment and access to information and disrupts connectivity required for work," the manifesto stated. 

Stated as a "first big step in the telco and cable TV industry," SKY's chief operating officer Claudia Suarez said she is encouraged with the joint effort as all companies involved can fully utilize their resources.  This will ensure reliable service to valued subscribers and a quicker response to such heinous acts in coordination with local authorities together with deployed special security teams.

"Together with our telco partners, SKY is committed to put an end to these disruptive acts. We call for continuously uniting our initiatives in fulfilling a common goal of ensuring quality service for the Filipino household. Rest assured that we will work 24/7 to respond and immediately address these concerns with utmost priority," Suarez said.

Apart from the call-to-action, the manifesto undersigned by various telcos looks to condemn such acts and hold individuals involved accountable under the rule of law, particularly with the implementation of RA 10515, also known as the Cable Theft Law—with charged perpetrators either facing two to five years of imprisonment or paying hefty fines imposed by the court.

As of August 5, SKY has reported 205 incidents of cable cutting and theft around Mega Manila, with the month of July incurring the most number of cases with 45 in total and Quezon City tallying the most number of cases spotted with 89 since January 2022. Four of the total cases have been filed with criminal charges by corresponding telco partners. Meanwhile, SKY also responded to cable cutting incidents in regional areas, with 111 cases tallied in Cebu alone since the beginning of 2022.

SKY's vice president and head of strategic relations Efren Arayata reiterated their appeal to the public to report related malicious acts via various platforms for immediate response. 

Arayata noted, "Reporting such incidents to our end and the local authorities is a big help in our 'Oplan Kontra Putol' campaign. Not only can we respond to restore your services immediately, but your help goes a long way in preventing these certain acts in other households."

Concerned citizens can report suspected illegal cable cutting activities through, via Security Hotline number 34499111 (for Mega Manila only),  or by messaging SKY's 24/7 messaging platform KYLA on Viber (, Facebook Messenger (, and SKY's official website ( 

For updates regarding SKY's efforts to restore services in areas affected by cable cutting, subscribers can check They may also follow SKY's social media accounts on Facebook ( or Twitter (