Cloud4C outlines approaches CIOs must consider for cybersecurity investments

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2023-08-01 22:58:00 PHT

As digital transformation becomes a critical objective for every business, the preferences of companies’ technology leaders (CIOs) are getting more recognized. Organizations realize that cybersecurity is not just any technology goal but a core business issue that requires recurring attention and investments. 

Gartner's research with more than 2,200 CIOs from firms operating in 81 countries reveals that 2023 would be a year of optimization, not blindfold growth, in terms of technology investments. Two of out three CIOs (66%) stress prioritizing cybersecurity investments in 2023. 

So, the red-alert question is, what would these priorities be? CIOs need to evaluate how and where to duly invest, select the right security solutions to keep their businesses productive, risk-free, and competitive.

Cloud4C's cyber defense experts have blueprinted three pragmatic approaches to identify the right investment areas and improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture fool-proof in 2023 and beyond: risk management approach, prevent-detect-respond approach, and compliance management approach.

Cloud4C is a globally leading managed security services provider delivering an advanced MDR – EDR suite, Managed Security Operations, Advanced Threat Protection, Threat Intelligence, SIEM-SOAR, Security Automation, and Managed Compliance-as-a-Service offerings powered by cloud under a single SLA. Cloud4C’s proprietary Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOPTM) helps businesses proactively monitor, detect, and remediate cyber threats across their entire IT stacks, ensuring complete preventive maintenance against the most advanced cyber threats 24/7. 

"We have a very robust cyber security practice in our organization. We do anything from regular SOC monitoring to the modern Cyber Defense Center activities. Most organizations today are running in an outdated manual operations mode, using Security Information and Event Management products that look at logs collected from various assets. Some organizations have adopted concepts red teaming, purple teaming, blue teaming, threat hunting etc., but even that is not adequate in the modern threat landscape.  Some of the advances in tools and technologies like EDR, UEBA, threat intel – all mapped into a centralized automated AI driven approach is an absolute necessity in the current global threat landscape. If we just depend on doing the security operations based on SIEM alerts, then we are already too late to handle the threat.  Threat actors use much more sophisticated TTPs than the processes used by security professionals not to mention that the threat actors already factor these well known historic approaches of defense.  It is with a clear understanding of these aspects and applying our vast experience handling the security of global organizations, we have come up with a robust Managed Security Services offering through our highly automated process driven CDC " according to Ram Sajja, Director and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud4C.

The evolving threat landscape necessitates that security is at the forefront of cloud strategies and journeys. While the cost of security implementation may be significant, the alternative of not having adequate security measures in place is far more expensive. Cloud4C highlights the growing relevance of Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs), which are fast replacing traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Moreover, partnering with SLA-driven service providers and leveraging automation can help address the talent shortage in the cybersecurity field.

In the current security threat environment, real-time vulnerability management is critical for organizations to stay ahead. Automation plays a crucial role in achieving this, enabling rapid detection and response to emerging threats.

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