Budgeting hacks: How to manage back-to-school expenses this season

POSTED BY: Lionell Go Macahilig
2023-08-26 02:02:37 PHT

As the new academic year draws near, many parents, particularly moms, prepare for a pleasant back-to-school season for their children. The task involves ensuring that tuition fees and other expenses are paid in time for the start of classes and providing school supplies their children will need, such as textbooks, pens, paper, uniforms, and even gadgets, for their academic work.

However, the total cost of these back-to-school necessities might burden finances, particularly for families with a fixed monthly income. Because of this, parents must learn how to control spending. As this task can be challenging, leading consumer finance company Home Credit has provided some practical budgeting tips, which families can apply to avoid overspending in the upcoming school year.

Establish a list of school essentials and other expenses

Creating a detailed list provides an overview of the essential items the children require, and the fees parents must pay for the upcoming academic year. Doing so allows parents to prioritize what back-to-school needs should be taken care of first while not missing out on anything important.

Before finalizing the list, parents must not forget to check the school supplies from the previous school year. Identify reusable items and remove them from the list to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Determine the budget

Now that a comprehensive list for the back-to-school season is established, parents can start looking over or estimating the costs of everything their children require. From there, parents must set a realistic budget based on their financial capabilities. Doing so can help parents manage finances better and make informed shopping decisions.

Take advantage of deals and discounts

Sales and discounts can significantly reduce the total cost when shopping for supplies. Taking advantage of such offers can save money without compromising the quality of the items. Buying in bulk can also help families have a stock of school supplies that can last the whole academic year, minimizing school expenses in the long run. In addition, doing so enables parents to stretch their budget further for additional items or redirect the saved funds to other essential expenses at home.

The key to your back-to-school budget!

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